Portfolio of Sabrina Jillah

Henry's the Penguin's Guide to UK Day Trips 

A book completed for my BTEC Level 3 in Graphic Design, based on my toy penguin's trips around the UK. It features a guide to each town and maps showing where to go.

Vintage Greeting Cards

Created for family members, these are 1970s inspired designs, using actual photographs from that decade, each design telling a personal story.

Packaging Design - Always Competition

My entry for the Always Packaging Competition via talenthouse,2014. Called 'Daily Rituals', my design was to show the product alongside other products used in a morning routine. It reached the Top 10 in the vote for the winning design.

Helen's Homemade Cakes

Business promo project for my BTEC Level 1 in Graphic Design, achieving a Distinction. Brief was to create a poster, postcard, business card and website. I chose my mum's vintage 50s housewife inspired cake business. 

Graphic Styles - Art Deco and Pop Art

Also for my Words and Images module, the brief was to create an A3 poster based on a period style, with written content about the period, in the style of that era.

Type Speciman Sheet - Didot

For my Typography module, I created a type speciman for the typeface Didot, most recognisably used in the fashion industry.  
My interpretation shows the origins of the typeface - from a 19th century French book.

Woolworths - a literal and abstract interpretation 

Produced for my Words and Images module, I chose a subject close to my heart - Woolworths. The literal is the store front in primary colours. The abstract is a visual of what reminds me of the store - lots of Point of Sale. The abstract version is now the brand identity for my blog 'Woolies Buildings - Then and Now'

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